Thoughts: Marvel’s Iron Fist S01E07


Seven episode and I have this idea that if Claire isn’t in it, I won’t like 😂

This show is very unstable because there can be really good episodes, and others like this one that aren’t so much.

I’ve been trying to decide between Claire and Ward as my favourite characters, and in this episode Ward got a great performance. I’ve been waiting for it to happen, Ward was going to snap at some point and it happened now and it was really intense to watch.

Although I’m sad we aren’t going to get to see Joy as daddy’s killing machine. I’m pretty sure she would have been a more proactive puppet for Harold. But with the board taking her company from her, who knows what she’ll do. I’m looking forward to that.

Scenes to look forward to: Ward killing the living shit out of his dad, so satisfying
Episode rating: SO SO – 2.5/5
Favourite character: Ward Meachun


Thoughts: Midnight, Texas S01E03

In this third episode, friends from the past of Lem come to Midnight causing the predictable mayhem.

Si this episode I would call it: predictable. It was so obvious that poison was going to be in the drink. You just know those guys were bad.

We got more information about what it is to be a vampire on the Midnight, Texas, although becoming a vampire was anticlimatic AF. Way to easy, maybe I just read a lot of vampire books, but the vampire transformation is always something to look for, this time was not the case. However I gave them points for not having a vampire hierarchy and avoid unnecessary drama.

I liked how Fiji and Bobo find a solution to the vampire infestation with a simple thing, I’m not gonna lie that was a little bizarre, but was a good bizarre, I guess.

Scenes to look forward to: Mr. Snuggles appears and talks and it’s awesome.
Episode rating: IT COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER – 3/5
Favourite character: Olivia, she’s badass and beautiful and takes no shit

Great minds worry alike


Thoughts: Strongest Deliveryman – Episode 02


This second episode was as good as the first, except for a little detail.

Again I want to point out to the cast charisma. They just make hating them when they done something really bad, very difficult. This second episode was full of emotions, I’m not gonna lie that I got a little teary at the end. Dan Ah is one of the few characters I really could relate, that when she tore out the school brochure, really broke my heart. I was at the same place once, with all my dreams being destroyed.

You know a show got a very good writer when a second character that appears for less than five minutes, gets you really emotional when something bad happens to them.

But what I didn’t like was that homophobic scene with Dan Ah, that is a problem with all the Korean dramas, they always use the LGTBQ+ as a comic relief or something awful, as a “problem”. I’m just pointing out because it’s always the same, I hope someday that kind of thing stop. Strongest Deliveryman is just really good, I’m pretty sure they can do better

I can’t wait for the next episodes, the teasers for the next ones looks really interesting, I need to know what happens with Dan Ah y the guy whose name I can’t remember. I want to know if the kid survives.

Can’t wait

Scenes to look forward to:
Episode rating: REALLY GOOD – 4.5/5
Favourite character: The chick who ran away from her house, she’s adorable.
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