Reading Hellboy Out of Order


Since the movie came out, HellBoy is one of my favourite characters of all time, every chance I get, there is no way anyone can talk me out of watching his movie adventures. However, his comic versions are something I always feel a little scared for all the many issues in existence.

But, a few months ago, Dark Horse, the original publisher of HellBoy, put some of the new compilation books for review, and they were kind enough to help this girl with three of them. The catch? They were not giving previous titles, the ones I saw were the only ones I was going to get, and they were from different timelines or spin-off…

It was a very interesting experience.




I got lucky with this book. Yes, it’s basically the end of Hellboy so the 99.999% of the references were lost on me. BUT. But, HellBoy is such a charming character, it was really hard not enjoy his weird adventure in hell.

I mean, the art was simply stunning, the characters even if I didn’t know them well, I was really happy to meet them.

So, thanks to this book I feel cocky enough to continue with my experiment with another HellBoy book, but, as I say, I got cocky, and I thought to myself, besides HellBoy, what is the other character you love to death? Abe Sapiens.

And that’s when my luck got a little sideways.


I feel so bad but I could not finish it. I mean, I really, really tried. For reals I did.

It just, for this book, you have to know, really know, about the HellBoy Universe, you have to be invested in them, and not just like them because a movie made them nice enough.

So this was a fail. But I need another one because I like the number three.

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D., Vol. 3: 1954 (Hellboy and the B.P.R.D #3)tumblr_p2k3o1hqiq1uvk98vo1_400 


I got so confused by this one it’s not funny. So it’s not just that it’s not the first book in the series, but has another number on the title. I was shock.

Surprisingly I enjoyed, not quite as much as Hellboy in Hell but enough to not be disappointed in myself for trying.

Maybe HellBoy comics are not meant for me, or maybe I need to stick to the effing order like a normal human being would have done.

But for now, I’m just happy with the movies 😀

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