Book Review: Busted by Gina Ciocca


busted by gina ciocca

by Gina Ciocca

GoodReads // Spanish Review

Marisa wasn’t planning to be a snoop for hire—until she accidentally caught her best friend’s boyfriend making out with another girl. Now her reputation for sniffing out cheaters has spread all over school, and Marisa finds herself the reluctant queen of busting two-timing boys.

But when ex-frenemy Kendall asks her to spy on her boyfriend, TJ, Marisa quickly discovers the girl TJ might be falling for is Marisa herself. And worse yet? The feelings are quickly becoming mutual. Now, she’s stuck spying on a “mystery girl” and the spoken-for guy who just might be the love of her life…


I really liked Gina Giocca’s debut, Last Year Mistake, and I thought she was one of those author who just write once and we never see them again. Luckily, she have a couple of upcoming books, Busted being the first one of them.

This standalone was so fun to read. Aside the misleading synopsis, this book is not the romantic drama angst I expected. It was fun, it was mysterious at some point, but above it all, it was about friendship. Which is always a win for me.

One of the most amazing thing about Busted is how I found myself completely intrigued and doubting my theories. Normally, it’s really hard for me to get surprised with this kind of books, I mean, almost always is so obvious who the one to blame is, but with Busted I just keep doubting and doubting. I mean, at the end I was right, but Gina Ciocca make me reconsider all my suspicions.

Busted was such a fun read, it talked about friendship, family, about not be able to financially support your education which was completely close to home for me, it really touched a sensible topic for me.

I can’t wait for the next Gina Ciocca book

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