Book Comic Review: Shirtless Bear-Fighter!


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Shirtless Bear-Fighter!
by Jody LeHeup (Story), Sebastian Girner (Story), Nil Vendrell (Art), Mike Spicer (Art)

“After being betrayed by the bears that raised him, the legendary SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER wanders the forest he’s sworn to protect, fist-fighting bears, eating flapjacks and being the angriest man the world has ever known!

When wild-eyed, super-strong bears attack the citizens of Major City, Shirtless ventures into the human world to do what he does best…PUNCH THOSE BEARS IN THE FACE! But all is not as it seems. Someone is manipulating Shirtless…and only by confronting the demons of his past can Shirtless hope to save his future!

A heart-filled, hilarious, tall tale for the ages…you don’t want to miss SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER!


Shirtless Bear-Fighter! It’s one of the most brilliant stories in all its ridiculous glory.

One of my main worries about this book was that I was sceptical of the humour; could it carry through the entire book? The answer is yes, as I say before, brilliant.

All the callout to the archetypes of manly man protagonist was amazing.

I really, really hope we could get more of this Shirtless, it’s not an amazing story with a great sense of humour, but it’s really fine to look at. Shirtless is sooo fine

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