Book Review: Kids Like Us (Hilary Reyl)


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Martin is an American teen on the autism spectrum living in France with his mom and sister for the summer. He falls for a French girl who he thinks is a real-life incarnation of a character in his favorite book. Over time Martin comes to realize she is a real person and not a character in a novel while at the same time learning that love is not out of his reach just because he is autistic.


At the beginning I wasn’t very eager to read Kids Like Us and for my rating you may suspect that I was right to not to want to read it, but I want to clear some points about this book and why you should give it a chance.

First, I’m not very smart so title with great story like this one would pass a little boring for me.

The reason I decided to read Kids Like Us is because someone with autism said that this book had a great voice, that the characterization about how it is to live with autism is very accurate. And, even if I could see, sadly I couldn’t connect with Martin at all. I’m very literal, matter-of-kind- of persona, which is kinda ironic, I know, but It was really hard for me to believe that you could get such infatuation for someone because you think is the character of a book.

It’s not that I didn’t get the book, it just I didn’t connect. I could compare the way Martin see the world pairing with his book in the same way I did with words when I started learning English (which I know my skills are awful, I need to practice and learn a lot).

Buy it: Amazon / BookDepository / Wordery


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