Thoughts: Raven’s Home S01E04

I’m loving how this show gets better week after week.

This time we get a lot of hilarious scenes thanks to the amazing Raven, Chelsea and all the cast is actually pretty great.

Now that Devon had to live in Texas, the children are sad and Raven tries and obviously fails, to take dad’s place, giving us one of the most important lines in the episode: It’s OK to be sad.

This is a line that a lot of shows used on their plot for one of the episodes, but it never gets old because we need to be reminded of that a lot. Sadness is healthy, sadness means we are healing.

Chelsea and his son Levi are another reason to look forward, their relationship is hilarious and adorable. Chelsea could easily become just a silly character who happens to have a child and doesn’t know what to do with it, but we saw that she cares for him, she tries, and Levi knows that, and tries to help her. It’s honestly really beautiful to watch.

Scenes to look forward to: All the dances moves Raven does, that women still have it.
Episode rating: SO GOOD – 5/5
Favourite character: It’s hard, I really loved all of this time.


Three words: Boyz N Motion


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