Thoughts: Marvel’s Iron Fist S01E08


Oh my God. It was so so bad. I mean, I was giving Iron Fist the chance, I swear. Claire Temple is on it, it’s Marvel. But boy, this episode was so so bad.

I keep watching this because I want to understand Defenders. I keep watching this because we got to see some hints about the other Marvel heroes, and right there’s nothing Marvel to watch on tv. And I need my Marvel dose.

The fight with the drunk guy was awful, ridiculous to a level that I cannot forgive. There’s is only two ways this fight could’ve work 1) if this was anime or 2) if you are freaking Jackie Chan, otherwise it’s plain ridiculous.

Even the writers are ruining Claire, a character so beautiful to see, so easy to love.

Iron Fist is getting worse and worse. I’m starting to understand why the critics hated so much.

Scenes to look forward to: Ward in all his scenes is just spectacular.
Episode rating: BAD – 1/5
Favourite character: Ward is just the psychopath I would fall in love



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