Thoughts: Manhole – Feels So Good (Episode 01)


Since I saw the apple pen teaser I was completely excited about this drama, I didn’t even care about the plot, I just thought the promos were amazing and I should give it a chance.

Now already watched the first episode, I’m not so sure I want to keep watching this dorama.

First we got this jerk, Pil, I guess it supposed to be this tragic but hilarious character that more than not is very pathetic but you can’t help but like him. I don’t like him at all. In all the episode he was whines and whines, I guess it supposed to be funny but it’s not. And to make matters worse, he just plain stalk the girl, Jo Si, I think it’s her name, and not just that, he slut shamed her, the worse part is that she takes his side when her boyfriend hit him. I guess, again, it was all supposed to be funny, I mean, it’s sooooo funny when a guy doesn’t take a hint and keep coming over and over, rigth

I guess what they are trying to hint is that Jo Sí girl is in love with him too, and the only reason they are not together is because he is way too slow. And I could have love that plot if it were done well.

Right now all I think it’s that Manhole: Feels so good is uncomfortable to watch.

Yes, the cast got good chemistry and they’re good actors, but I don’t like the way they are telling the story.

Scenes to look forward to: Pil getting punched, he fucking deserves it.
Episode rating: SO SO – 2/5
Favourite character: the juice girl, I don’t know what’s her name


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