Thoughts: Midnight, Texas S01E03

In this third episode, friends from the past of Lem come to Midnight causing the predictable mayhem.

Si this episode I would call it: predictable. It was so obvious that poison was going to be in the drink. You just know those guys were bad.

We got more information about what it is to be a vampire on the Midnight, Texas, although becoming a vampire was anticlimatic AF. Way to easy, maybe I just read a lot of vampire books, but the vampire transformation is always something to look for, this time was not the case. However I gave them points for not having a vampire hierarchy and avoid unnecessary drama.

I liked how Fiji and Bobo find a solution to the vampire infestation with a simple thing, I’m not gonna lie that was a little bizarre, but was a good bizarre, I guess.

Scenes to look forward to: Mr. Snuggles appears and talks and it’s awesome.
Episode rating: IT COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER – 3/5
Favourite character: Olivia, she’s badass and beautiful and takes no shit

Great minds worry alike


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