Thoughts: Strongest Deliveryman – Episode

Guys, it was really good. I was losing my hope about Korean dramas, but this one came out of nowhere for me. Honestly the teasers didn’t hook me, but I got it on the tablet, so I watched it.
There is a lot of female characters, all of them had different personalities, which for me that could be the only reason to watch. But it got a good plot too, about the importance of small business VS corporate empires, the actors have great chemistry and a lot of charisma. It’s so pleasant to watch.

Scenes to look forward to: Dan Ah kicking asses from the beginning. It’s completely satisfying.
Episode rating: REALLY GOOD – 5/5
Favourite character: Dan Ah

People with no pride have no sense of responsibility, either

How about you have some consideration for the listener before speaking?


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